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The Heart of the Matter

The Guitaring Show is seeking sponsorship from  businesses who encourage excellence and champion uniqueness in artistic endeavor.
We strongly believe that cities and towns who value and support their art communities are healthier in every way.
The Guitaring Show is not just making videos for fun or to sell someone else’s products. We are creating valuable content for the next generation of musicians who will help shape the social and cultural fabric of our cities and towns.

The Show

The Guitaring Show creates feelgood videos designed to inspire, encourage and entertain. 

Our target audience is primarily guitarists of any age and ability, who are looking to get honest, professional opinions on guitar trends and gear.

The Opportunity

Partnering as a sponsor of The Guitaring Show means that you gain from the goodwill of our fans and also from direct referrals through our growing catalogue of online videos and podcasts.

The Benefits

  • Brand Recognition – Having your business name mentioned alongside your logo and web links is a simple yet powerful way to build brand recognition.
  • Positive Brand – Association Associating your business with our brand exposes you to a new and growing audience.
  • Endorsement – Aside from customer referrals, there’s nothing stronger than the endorsement of one brand to another. 
  • Cross-Platform Exposure – A connection to our brand gives reason and opportunity for you to exist across a number of online platforms you may otherwise not be on.

The Advertising

  • In Video Mentions In every episode. We will favourably thank your business for sponsoring our show. All thankyou’s are done at either the start or end of our weekly YouTube shows and Podcasts.
  • Company Logo in Credits All sponsor logos will appear at the end of every video we create.
  • Link in Show Notes Our videos and podcasts are accompanied by extensive show notes and links. Your website link will be included here with our personal note of endorsement.
  • Logo and links on Website Show sponsors will have their logo prominently displayed on our eshop and show webpage, with links back to your site.

The Cost

The Guitaring Show is very much a ‘passion project’. We don’t make any money from the show and our time is donated. We purchase all our own gear and cover all expenses out of our own pockets. Naturally, we are working towards a day when The Guitaring Show becomes a profitable venture. But until then, we are relying on two key revenue sources.
To help cover the growing costs associated with creating a show such as ours we are seeking both sponsors and patrons.

Our biggest fans have the opportunity to further support the show by pledging a monthly amount on our Patreon site. Our Patrons choose the amount they give and in return enjoy member benefits such as exclusive content, discounted merchandise and behind-the-scenes videos and photo galleries.

Our sponsors are the backbone of our funding model. Sponsors enable us to keep moving forward, paying the bills and covering day-to-day expenses incurred. Furthermore, our sponsor funding allows us to plan for the future and set a course for growth across all our online endeavours.

The Wrap

Thanks for considering sponsorship of The Guitaring Show. Your support means we remain well-resourced to achieve our goals and meet the needs of our patrons, fans and online community.

If you have any further questions please email